Friday, May 11, 2012

Kindle mayhem

Instead of vintage Pyrex for Mother's Day, I find myself begrudgingly receiving a Kindle Fire. Yes- sounds whiny and ungrateful but there are special circumstances that allow for my poor behavior. You see- I already have a Kindle Fire. Or rather - I did have one until Tuesday night when Jasper (our 8 month German Shepherd) sniffed it out and ate it.

Yep- ate the case, shattered the screen and chewed off the anti-glare coating. After googling German Shepherd rescues for a few days I had resigned myself to using the library all summer and not having zillions of books at my beck and call. Oh the humanity.

Then Dave decided to wow me and surprised me with a new Fire last night. Yep- it worked. I nominate him the Best. Husband. Ever. I did not even get a lecture about where I had left it- though I know he wanted to give one.

Tonight I found a tutorial here ( for making a kindle case- since mine was destroyed in said dog incident. So after the beasties went to bed I snuck down to the craft room and actually sewed. Shocker - I know.

I used the measurements from the tute- but did not piece the top. I attached a hex-y flower I made last summer to some fun script fabric for the outside. I added that hole-y hard plastic that people used to make Kleenex box covers out of inside the interior pockets to hold the shape. Don't know the real name but you know what I mean - you use yarn to "sew" and decorate it. Except me. I use it for structure and strength.

A vintage button and a bias tape loop act as the closure method- and work great. I don't think this case would protect my kindle if I were to drop it - or say, if a hungry dog got a hold of it- but it makes me feel better to have it wrapped up and a bit protected. Oh- and it is cute too!!

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