Saturday, October 8, 2011


In the crafting world, I think owls are a bit passe. (How would I know? I've done minimal to no crafting for the past 9 months -since Harper was born- and only baby sewing for the 9 months prior to that!) Lucky for us, my almost 9 year old and just turned 9 month old don't know or care YET about "trends"- so we made up a few owl stuffies for cuddling and loving.

Harper's owl was made by closely following a pattern in Aimee Ray's Doodle Stitching. I forgot how quick and easy this comes together (I made a few way back). I had wool felt in the stash - though I did not use the colors in the book. The wool felt was sooo very nice - much more sturdy and forgiving than craft felt. The kids named this owl Jr.

Note: Harper didn't name him - though she did drool and chew on him. That is love, for sure.

For Rowan's owl I loosely followed the same pattern - though the main fabric on hers is flannel and it is obviously much larger. I cut out felt for the eyes and nose - and did not embroider on the feathers or outline. Rowan named her owl "Sir Hoots A Lot". Hmmm... it is funny (to me) that she is naming this after a character in the movie Bedtime Stories, not the 80's singer/rapper. Ha!

Sir Hoots a Lot and Jr making nice.

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