Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Harper Hoot-y Halloween

I was ready to sew costumes for everyone this year. I had it in my head that I NEEDED to hand make all 3 kids a costume. Then Griffin decided he wanted to be a Field Biologist. He has all the gear already, so no costume was needed. Next, Rowan opted to be a 1 pair of feetie jammies (from Target - no way was I going to attempt that) later and a quick gathering of Harper's gear and she was ready. Harper, being currently unable to articulate ideas (in English anyways) was then stuck being the only one I sewed for... and thus the recipient of an entire blog post.

Please bear with me on the pics. Harper is having a messy cold - so if she looks boogery, now you know why. I was able to snap these right after her second nap today and thought maybe she was on the mend. Alas - I don't think so.... as you'll see on the last pic.

I had originally wanted to make a Princess Leia costume for Harps. I saw the cutest one ever on Crafster (here)... but after 2 failed attempts at drafting a pattern for the dress, that idea was thrown out. I hemmed and hawed about running to a store and buying a costume (this was Saturday) but after a little blog surfing and some Pinterest time, I decided on an owl for her costume. Not just any owl.... but Hedwig (from Harry Potter, in case you have not read the books umpteen times or watched Harry Potter Marathons on multiple occasions as we have). And not just any Hedwig, but a Shabby Chic one... with ruffles and lace for feathers. It all came together in a very short period of time, even while feeling like crud.

The mask was inspired by these ones.... so cute and quick! It is designed to be worn as a mask over the eyes or on the forehead -which is the only place Harper is tolerating it.

The dress is made up of layer after layer of thrifted ruffles and lace, sewed onto a tank dress (I used this pattern as a starting point). Instead of bias tape on the shoulders, I opted for ribbon and vintage buttons. I am hoping that this dress could stretch into Thanksgiving, maybe with this bolero? Link

The cape is lined with cream corduroy and the outside is burlap and thrifted chenille. I sewed elastic on the corners to attach to Harper's wrists so she could show her wing span - and look more bird-like instead of super hero. Hopefully this will also keep her warm - it will be COLD tonight!!

Did I mention we don't feel well today? Harper or myself? We are a mess. I got about 2 minutes or cooperation for these photos and then tried to clean up her messy nose. This is how the rest of the day has gone... I need a nap.

Happy Halloween!

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Thudin said...

Very Cute - sure don't like to see her crying though...