Friday, August 5, 2011

6 months later....Baby Smocket

Really, it is almost 7 months since Miss Harper Adelia joined the family. It is hard to remember life before she arrived - she is so dang much fun. That fun has caused an impromptu hiatus from my sewing, crafting and dabbling, granted, but I am sure this too shall pass. Just yesterday I had exactly 30 minutes to craft. Yes - 30 minutes. Harper is sleeping through the night like a champion, but her daily nap(s) are iffy. I know I can usually count on a half our out of them, but nothing longer is guaranteed. After getting her down yesterday, I quickly grabbed the homemade Smocket passed to us from Brooke, traced it on new fabric and sewed it together. Then, because one must coordinate, I frantically searched my patterns for Dana's Diaper Cover pattern, gave up and reprinted it and threw a matching diaper cover together as well. Honestly, I was closer to 32 minutes all said and done, and only that because my sewing machine and ironing board are set up in the dining room, but I managed to finish just in time for her to hungrily wake from her nap. Here is Harps in her new digs....

I promise she is happier than those 2 photos would make her appear. Here is a smiley one with her big sis.

For the patterns, I made Harps the 12 month size diaper cover (yes, she is quite large - above 95% for her age) - and extended the top about an inch, since I only found 1 inch elastic. The smocket, as I stated earlier, was traced, but I know Brooke eyeballed the pattern and free hand sized it down to fit her V. It is pretty forgiving with the tie straps. The fabric on the side showing (it is reversible, but I have no shots of the back yet) is Tina Givens' Olivia's Holiday. Love it- it has been waiting in the stash for the perfect project, and this was it.

It is hard to just blame Harper for my crafting recess. The kids being out of school is also contributing - We've been having a blast entertaining at the lake - lots of great people, such good food, so many delicious cocktails - it has been fantastic! We had Harper's 6 month photos taken at the lake. Yes, Brooke did it again. Her ability and talent leave me in awe. Here is the link to the pics, but I'll share a couple....can't help it.

Leaving the sewing equipment in the dining room was a small bit of strateg-ery on my part. I'm hoping that having my gear where it can be accessed quickly and painlessly will prompt some more quick projects. We'll soon see - my list of sewing "to do's" took no hiatus, so it is ready for me to get moving.