Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quick Change Trousers

There is some humor in including the word "quick" in the title of this blog post. Returning to sewing post baby has been anything but. Partly due to wanting to hold this little one 24/7, partly due to big sibs demanding their fair share of attention and partly due to my craft room being a place where chaos reigned. Lucky for me, the wee one is starting to become a tad more regularly scheduled - meaning she is routinely laying down twice a day. The duration of said naps is up for debate, but I can look forward to a little down time each day. After a roller coaster spring, it is finally warm enough for the bigs to play outside. Finally, my grandma came to visit and demanded we do some heavy labor. We decided to tackle the craft room - and now it is a thing of beauty. All these lead me to some time and room to sew -Hooray!

This weekend - while Dave was fishing at the cabin with "the guys", I managed some time to sew a couple pair of "Quick Change Trousers" from Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings book. One pair for Miss Harper, and a pair as a "thank you" to a friend of my Aunt who gave me her portable baby swing.

Here are the pair for an almost 2 year old boy - the fun part being that they are they are really "two for one".

Back side of the pair- love the contrasting panel.

Here is the front of this side.

If you turn them inside out, they are light blue (maybe a little "scrub-bish") with a green contrasting panel on the backside.

Here are Harper's pants- the inspiration for the red side being the girl pair photographed in the book - loved the red/yellow combo.



And the reverse side....


I used all thrifted/vintage-y fabrics for Harp's. I made her the 9 month size - a little long now, but should be perfect in a few months.

Harper also got a huivi from a fabric scrap. She was holding one over her face while I sewed, so I quickly hemmed it up and added a "bow" to make it girly. She looks ridiculously adorable - in a silly way.

Drat -her foot got the close up here - but her blurry face is funny!

C'mon - you can see why I've dawdled getting back to sewing, right??