Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dinosaur PJs for Three

I picked out fabric in December hoping to make PJs for Christmas gifts for the kids. That did not happen - let's blame the 9 months of pregnancy. I finally got them made up a month or so back, but just now got around to take some pictures. Just in time too - Harper is almost grown out of hers!

I used three different patterns for these - Harper's are from Rae's (free) newborn pant tutorial, Griffin's are from Weekend Sewing and Rowan's are from a thrifted vintage pattern that I had in my stash. Fabric is from It has washed up really nice - which is good since Harper will wear these 3 times!

Aren't these teeny ones adorable??

Asking Griffin to pose for photos was hilarious. As you can see.

The "bigs" really love their little sister. They fought over who got to hold her for the pics. To be fair, they each got a turn.

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