Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Almost on track...

I swear I'm getting ready to get back on track to real life. It has been a long extended baby moon at my house. Hard to do much of anything while this little one has captured all our hearts. She is the smiliest little thing - and anytime you smile at her you are sure to get one back at you. What is a mom to do, but spend hours then encouraging the smiles?

I'm blessed to have a fantastic friend to document Harper's early days. Brooke did another photo session of her at 2 months just before we left for spring break. (full post here). I don't know if it is the extremely talented photographer or my absolute bias for the model, but I LOVE love love these pics. Here are some to share...

Remember when I made this hat? She is posing in it here along with Dave's childhood bear Junior. So dang cute!

Back to work next week (Boo! - part time, but still Boo!). I actually end up being more productive domestically when I'm working part time outside the home. Odd, huh? Guess that is the chaos that is my (our) life! Plan to see some sewing or crafting posts soon...for now I'm back to cuddling.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dinosaur PJs for Three

I picked out fabric in December hoping to make PJs for Christmas gifts for the kids. That did not happen - let's blame the 9 months of pregnancy. I finally got them made up a month or so back, but just now got around to take some pictures. Just in time too - Harper is almost grown out of hers!

I used three different patterns for these - Harper's are from Rae's (free) newborn pant tutorial, Griffin's are from Weekend Sewing and Rowan's are from a thrifted vintage pattern that I had in my stash. Fabric is from It has washed up really nice - which is good since Harper will wear these 3 times!

Aren't these teeny ones adorable??

Asking Griffin to pose for photos was hilarious. As you can see.

The "bigs" really love their little sister. They fought over who got to hold her for the pics. To be fair, they each got a turn.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birdie Spring Ensemble

Yes - this baby sewing is proving to be addicting. I sewed up another quick spring break outfit for Harper. As you can see, she was not too interested in posing for this one - but I still want to eat her up. Love her leg chub!

I *heart* this outfit - love the pattern(s) and model and fabric. The fabric is my favorite colors - I picked it up at my local fabric outlet a long while back and almost forgot about it. We do have pillows at the cabin out of this same print - so Harper will blend in on the sofa when we can finally venture to the lake again. We'll have to do a "where's Waldo" pic of that when we head north.

The top is a tutorial/pattern from here...I can see myself whipping up some fun bias tape and making piles of these. I added a ruffle to the bottom. I even managed to change my serger needle and setting (which I am normally too lazy to do) and used the rolled hem on the ruffle. Whoa! I realized when I went to find the link to the tute to blog this, that I modified it...huh. I downloaded the pattern so long ago, I just kind of winged it - sewing it from the pattern only without looking at the pics or directions. Now I want to make one like Petchy did - cute!

I used the Diaper Cover pattern from here (again) and can see making these in mass quantities as well. Easy, fast, and forgiving... my kind of project.

One more shot of Miss Harper and her Birdie Ensemble!

The carpal tunnel has finally left, so I have some long overdue embroidery and crocheting to do - which will possibly work better than sewing projects with the constant nursing we have going on. We'll have to see how we do with skeins of yarn and flailing baby limbs!