Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Various crafting...none baby related

To prove that I am in fact crafting for people other than the baby (ahem, myself), I thought I'd post a few of my recent projects that are NOT baby related. I've got some more done, but won't post those until after Christmas, since the intended recipients are blog readers. Just a note -some of these pictures were taken with my phone, so forgive the lighting/poor quality, etc.

Remember me mentioning that I initially tried to make a tote bag for a diaper bag? Here were the results of that endeavor- both ended up being teacher gifts. I had the black canvas on hand from when I patched Dave's snowmobile cover last year and the IKEA fabrics were both thrifted. When I found them at Goodwill, I was not sure what I'd do with less than 1/4 a yard of each of them, but liked them enough to shell out $1.50 for them both.

While they are not necessarily good diaper bags (no pockets at all) I like how they turned out overall. One I went for LL bean type straps, the other was larger and had simple straps just long enough to throw the bag over your shoulder. I packaged these up with homemade caramels (thanks to Jen's recipe) and the kids said the teachers were happy campers.

Next up is a t-shirt quilt. My cousin Sara is planning to surprise a friend and show up in Hawaii for Christmas to see him. She asked if we could put together a quilt made from Twins t-shirts as his gift. To get the shirts we needed, she raided some thrift stores and her family members' closets and then found an odd man selling 87 and 91 championship sweatshirts on craigslist. She also found a fun remnant of baseball themed fabric. We managed to throw it together in less than 4 hours - backing it with red fleece and using embroidery floss to tie quilt it. Perfect man quilt, per my hubby. Took longer to drive to get her and bring her back home in a snow storm then it did to make the quilt! All worth it - the chatting was great and she brought me all my favorite treats from the Old Spaghetti Factory (where I worked in college and she does now).

See her peeking out over the top? Thanks Sara - have fun in the sun!!

Last up was a gift for my friend Kim for her birthday last week. She had liked the jewelry frame hanger I made for our friend Jen a while back, so I crafted up one for her. I had a frame on hand that I painted white, added re purposed screen to the opening for hanging earrings, screwed in 3 cup hooks to the bottom to hang necklaces or bracelets from and embellished it a bit to match her bedroom. Somewhat sadly, it was gifted while the paint was still a little tacky (nothing says thoughtful gifter then to give something 1/2 done), but Kim is a smart cookie and hung it up to dry in her garage for awhile :) Thanks for your patience Kim! Hope it matches your room!

I've got a few more Christmas related projects in the hopper - nothing says holidays to me than sewing up gifts the day before they are given :) HA!

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