Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tiny Headwear

Yep - you guessed it. I've moved on to baby hats now. Since my previous 2 beasties have had huge heads, I am making headgear larger than normal "newborn" size. (I tell myself their large head sizes are meant to hold all their brains, btw). I found a great crocheted tutorial here to make a basic hat, and despite frequent stops due to pregnancy induced carpal tunnel in my right hand, these hats really fly together.

Here is the first one I did with bright pink yarn. I added a thrifted doily and a vintage button to dress it up a bit.

I made another in brown yarn and then added ears using this tutorial. My ears are a bit lopsided, but I think they will do :) Love it!

Last up was a quick headband. I made some spiral flowers out of some gray wool felt during our long Turkey Day drive. I stitched them on to a piece of striped knit (from a Target dollar land scarf) and for now have tied the bottom together. I plan to sew this when I can actually measure how big Miss 3's head is, but for now will leave it tied.

As a side note, I posed what is turning into the great name debate out on a fun blog - Swistle Baby Names. The blog author and her many commentors help with baby naming. Since Dave will no longer even talk about names with me (he keeps escaping to his basement man cave when I bring it up), it is nice to get some real opinions from those who love baby names. Here is my post....I'd love to hear your ideas as well! We've only got 4 1/2 weeks left!!

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