Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Diaper Bag, at last

One of the projects I've been both dreading and anticipating was sewing a diaper bag. The thought of interfacing was making me cringe, but I knew I wanted to make a bag and not spend lots of cash on one I would not love. I INTENDED to make one with somewhat neutral fabric so Dave would be happy carrying it, but at 10 pm when you realize you don't have enough of the planned fabric, you sometimes throw your best laid plans out the window and make do. I originally started out with a tote bag style in mind, but those ended up as teacher gifts, as the interior and pocketing process did not work out as I wanted. I'll show pics of those in a later day, assuming the quick pics I took with my phone are decent. I then googled and researched for a while until I found the perfect pattern. Let me caveat this by stating I was more than willing to purchase a pattern for a diaper bag, just could not find one I liked. The various reviews I read on the patterns for sale all seemed to point to something wrong - floppy, lack of pockets, too big, to small... you get the idea. Then I saw this tutorial (FREE) for the "Hip Mama Diaper Bag", and fell in love. Pockets galore, and a messenger bag style - what is not to lurve? The tutorial was dreamy easy to follow (ahem, assuming you read it, I did have 1 mishap an 1 near miss, but neither ruined the bag). The only modifications I made were to use fusible fleece to face the handle (I like a padded handle on my bags) and since I did not have any vinyl for the interior, I used corduroy. It is maybe a little floppier than I'd like, but as I've started to stock it up I think it will work fantastic.

Fabric is Anna Maria Horner on the exterior, thrifted corduroy on the interior. There are magnetic snaps holding down the flap in front, 2 front pockets and side pockets that have velcro to keep them closed. The back has a large zipped pocket and inside has 5 bottle/diaper pockets that have elastic to keep them together.

Front and side pockets shown here......

Back zipper...

Interior shot. Look at all the pockets~! I plan to make a changing pad to fit in here today. Plenty of room :)

Did I mention I love it?

Can't wait for this little one to make her grand entrance so we can use it! Less than 2 weeks til her due date!! Hurry up little Miss No Name, we can't wait to meet you!

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Suzanne said...

Very nice! I love the fabric! I used this tutorial a couple of years ago when making my last diaper bag. One thing I've discovered in my last bag making experience is canvas! :) If I make it again ever I'd for sure interface with it to make it more sturdy.