Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby bedding and other projects.

I'm getting my baby checklist taken care of - project by project. With only 4 weeks to go, I now have a raging case of carpal tunnel syndrome - had to get new braces for both wrists -so the crafting is taking a little longer than it should. All worth it though :)

I added some length to thrifted curtains for what will be the GIRLS room. The add on fabric was a IKEA curtain that I've chopped into for various projects.

I told myself a baby quilt was not necessary, as you don't actually cover them up, but could not help making a quick one to match their lime, aqua and hot pink room. I used scrap fabrics I had on hand, as well as a pillow case and the rest of the re purposed bed ruffle (I found a twin size one at the thrift store I shrunk down to crib size). Love this quilt. The hand binding was a complete pain, but it kept the insomniac busy last night.

The back is an IKEA sheet that came with a duvet set we never used. Then I used the left over scraps to make a patchworky binding too.

Here it is next to the bedskirt and thrifted crib sheet.

I read about 50 tutorials on making a car seat cover. None really dealt with the wonky handle on our new seat (old one was "expired"??). So, after having velcro straps sewn on that did not work, I ripped them out and added ribbon to tie on for now. Don't love, but it should serve its purpose. Love the Tina Givens fabric though....the back side is some thrifted knit.

And the reverse side...

Last I used this tutorial to make a sheet for our co-sleeper. I used a thrifted flannel sheet and had it done in under 15 minutes. I have enough sheet for maybe 2 more as well. Great tutorial!

I've got a diaper bag and a sling left on the horizon. Tried to make a sling on Monday but something went awry and it doesn't even work for Rowan to carry a doll in. Hmmmmmm....also plan to throw in some Christmas gifts, but we'll have to see how the hands hold out!

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