Friday, November 12, 2010

You guessed it... more baby sewing

Not surprising, there was more baby sewing done here this past week. How could I not make these cute newborn pants from Made by Rae? And of course they needed coordinating tops, so Martha's kimono pattern came in somewhat handy.

One set was made using Heather Ross fabric I've been hoarding for a long while now. I made the matching bias tape to make it fun, and love it. Too cute - though anything this tiny is dang adorable regardless.

The other set was made using Tina Givens fabric - and I realized after cutting out the kimono top that I cut these out so that the front would be upside down. Not a good pattern for a directional print, I guess. I fixed the mermaid version, and tried to fix this one as well, but after cutting the neckline 3 different times, this is how it ended up. Oh well. If baby looks down at herself, it will be perfect :)

I have to stop with making newborn sized clothes - either they will fit for only a few weeks or not at all (if Little miss is Griffin sized). They are just so dang cute....

Here are the kimonos... the pattern is not beginner type easy, or possibly my pregnant brain did not comprehend it all or read it correctly. It ended up ok. I do like them.

Here are just the quick and easy and teensy.

We've got a few more projects in the works... sew more to come.

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