Friday, November 19, 2010

Sister Sewing

Rowan has been sewing with me lately...and wanted to make up some baby items. Since my patience is somewhat lacking, I tried to give her projects that would not require a large amount of parental guidance. She did great - I'm impressed with how she thinks through the project to figure out what she needs to do all along the way. So very planful and cautious.

First, Rowan made a "taggy crinkly toy"... not sure what else to call it. One side has her fun fabric and a small piece of minky is on the other side. The ribbons give the baby something to grab on to and play with. Griffin loved the tags on his toys and blankets, so if Little Miss 3 is anything like her big brother, she'll love this. Inside we sandwiched a piece of plastic (the wrap of a bag of microwave popcorn) so it crinkles when it is grabbed. I read a tutorial for this, but can't remember where - the author said she had washed hers multiple times and the plastic was holding up great.

Minky side...

Cotton side....

Rowan also grabbed a piece of scrapped t-shirt and made a newborn hat. She used this tutorial and it turned out adorable. So proud (sniff). It is super easy to make and you use the t-shirts hem to save yourself from having to hem the brim/edge.

Rowan also started on a small quilt we hope to finish this weekend. I'm happy (proud, thrilled, excited, giddy) to say more projects from Rowan will be coming soon :)

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Thudin said...

Good job Rosie! I'm sure little Kimberly will enjoy her new items -