Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Patchwork Sleep Sack

Since sleeping is not working out for me of late, I was able to finish and start some projects last night. Ack - I know I will sleep again (and be wistfully thinking about doing it after the little miss is born) but I totally forgot how frustrating it is to lay there and have your mind race and not be able to fall asleep. I keep thinking about expired car seats (who knew they could expire? And what kind of horrible mother am I to even debate if it matters?), recalled crib parts (how did my 2 and their 4 cousins survive in this crib?) and the elusive baby name. Around midnight, I decided that at least this time can be productive. I had started the adorable patchwork sleep sack from Handmade Beginnings this past weekend, and was just waiting to add the Velcro and sew up the bottom. I finished it around 2 a.m after another round of burp cloths and a bib were completed as well. Here is the sleep sack:

And the back side....

A close up of the patchwork (don't look too close though):

Like some others out in blog and flickr land, I made a few very minor changes. The pattern and directions were very easy to understand and follow....even for my uber pregnant mind. Here are my (either of my own or borrowed from others who trod before me) mods:

  • I used 3" squares for the patchwork....hoping to get it done faster. Still tedious, but maybe a little quicker than the 2" Anna Maria used?
  • I used the bias tape to encase both sides/edges of the sack, mitering the corner.
  • I added a bit of piecework the back, mainly to not waste the patchwork I had made and not used.
  • After sewing the bottom together, I serged the edge, since this was the only unfinished edge still showing (though only inside the sack).

I'll admit the fabrics in the sack do match the kimono tops and pant sets I made last week, but the fact that I had already made about 6 yards of bias tape caused me to coordinate all the fabrics around the bias tape. I love the color combination - not too pink and girly, but still feminine. The patch working itself was a bit tedious, but not difficult. I do not claim to be a quilter, so my squares do not always line up, but I love how it ended up.

Here are the other goodies -

I tried backing some burp cloths with a new towel ($2 on the Target end cap, it is the lime green showing) and then did a 2 sided flannel one and frayed the edges (like the pattern tutorial here, where I found the template, actually called for). One more bib rounded out the late night more Tina Givens fabric. Love these. Not sure if I should keep them for me or get them out the door for some baby gifts since there seem to be many of us carrying around baby bumps right now.

I am hoping to get the crib up and bedding made this weekend, so I'll post more details as they are done (probably in the wee hours of the morn).

Oh -and thought I'd share for the sake of my Texan fans (hey Nance) how it looks outside here.... brrrr!! Tell Apple Jack to bundle up!

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