Monday, November 29, 2010

Onesie Mania

We are scrambling a bit to get things together for the baby. Or maybe I should clarify, I'm scrambling to get things together. Dave is calmly living life "business as usual". Maybe it is because the baby is in my uterus that stresses me out that much more? I've got a hunch she will be arriving earlier than later -which would be wonderful (ahem, tax write off and in time for Christmas!!) - but this early thought is pushing me to get things taken care of NOW. I got around to hanging up clothes in the baby's (shared) closet last week and realized I had somehow attained 4 ugly onesies along the way. Not sure if they were all thrifted? Maybe some hand me downs from cousins and friends? I do know they were all "pre loved" and (I hoped) worth saving. Some had ugly decals, some were boyish, some had minor staining... all 4 needed help, so onesie makeover time it was.

Onesie #1: We spent multiple hours in the car for Thanksgiving, so I was able to make up a pile of these "twisty flowers" to adorn things. I added 3 white flowers (made from t-shirt scraps) to this green and white striped onesie, and then sewed on some vintage clear buttons to create a necklace look. Much more girly :)

Onesie #2: This yellow onesie had some stains in the front. I blanket stitched a "bib" on and then added a ruffle and buttons down the front. Much better! Love the colors.

Onesie #3: I added an appliqued bird and some "ground" to hide stains and make this blue onesie more girlie. The eye is a button and I quickly embroidered something resembling a beak. The legs are just zig zagged on with black thread. I love the bird - I will be adding this guy to some more creations for sure.

Onesie #4: This onesie had an ugly, scratchy decal on it. I added the owl using reverse applique so I could cut out the scratchy animal that was on it already. I added thrifted buttons for eyes and zig zagged the legs (again). In the picture you will see what looks like stains near the "ears", but it was just me dabbing it with water to get rid of the water soluble pen marks. No time to wait for it to dry before pics, of course :)

I dabbled in some headgear for the little miss as well. I'll be posting these goodies later this week! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving holiday!

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