Thursday, November 11, 2010

More baby sewing

What does every newborn need in her wardrobe? Well, if I were to gage things by my girlfriend Brooke, I'd have to say shoes. I remember her being pregnant with her baby girl and making piles of fabric shoes (near the point of obsession). I've made these as gifts for other before, but it is so very much fun to make them for my own wee one.

The pattern is from here, and you can use tiny amounts of fabric to make them funky. I raided my scrap bin for these three pair, and barely used any fabric at all. I made these three assembly line fashion, and while I think I saved a ton of time, I did manage to use the heel planned for one shoe on another, so be careful (Or just don't sew with a pregnant brain).

Here are the three I made on Monday.

Pair 1 is my favorite - and this is actually the pair I added the wrong heel to. It was supposed to have a pink polka dot heel, but now I love the contrast of the green with the brown. The bows are dang cute too....

Pair 2 have vintage buttons and pleather soles. Love them.

Pair 3 is from some of my favorite fabric (Birdseed - Alexander Henry).

Can't wait to try them on some little feet :)

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auntie B said...

ugghhhh! hello, I am getting serious morning sickness just looking at all these cute makes. you are one nesting mama! I am going to have to get ultra-creative with what I gift to little Dabblerina as she is apparantly going to have everything in the crafty world possible! I guess I could fall back on taking some SUPER FUN PIX for her.... OHHHHH I CAN"T WAIT ALREADY!!!