Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baby sewing

There has been little crafting here of late, thus little reason for crafty blogging. I'd like to blame it on my pregnancy, which is partly true - I have been much more inclined to read than craft. Just finished the Suzanne Collins Hunger Games trilogy, btw, good stuff. I like to say I am pre-reading these for my niece and daughter, but honestly, I love teeny bopper lit. And being able to do it laying down has saved me so far from the puffy ankles that plagued me with the first 2 beasties.

The "kick in the pants" I guess I needed to get some sewing done was 2 fold. First, Dave painted my craft room for me and I spent at least a week getting it completely in order. I'm talking seriously in order here - fabrics sorted an folded by types and colors, yard and embroidery gear separated and sorted by colors, jewelery and other crafting materials sorted and stashed away in organized fashion. I'd post pics here, but since it is in the basement and a smaller room, it is very hard to get decent shots. Trust me, it is much better than crafting in my entry way or front room... I love that I can close the door and head upstairs in the middle of a project and not have to put it all away. The second kicker was reaching my 32nd week. 32 WEEKS Pregnant?? Where has the time gone? I alternate between feeling this pregnancy is crawling by and trying to slow it down since it is probably (ok, most certainly) our last go around. But 32 weeks means it is time to get my tush (pregnancy sized tush and all) in gear.

Since Dave was out deer hunting last weekend, it was perfect time for some baby sewing. I perused the downloaded baby tutorials and patterns I've found on the web over the past few years and scoured the web for some new ones as well. Rowan and I both got our machines going and kicked out a bunch of projects. I'll save hers for a day she can "guest post". Here are some of mine...I'll be posting more in days to come.

Burp Cloths....I found a great template (and blog) here. I did not follow all the directions, mainly because I was trying to use only things I already had, but the shape and size of this burp cloth is perfect. Maybe I'll try some flannel and fringing in the future.

One side is some Tina Givens fabric and the other is a thrifted chenille bedspread. I used some tags gifted to me from my mom on the chenille side. They were quick and easy and would be a great baby shower gift.

Then, using basically the same materials, I made some bibs. These are just little infant-y bibs for early on. They are backed with the same chenille bedspread and I used velcro to close them.

I found the template online but sadly cannot locate it. I think tracing an existing bib would be easy to do as well. Since my other two are 6 & 8, we don't have many bibs (any at all) around here to trace, so a template was necessary.

Last, but not least, I made some Pacifier clips. I saw the idea on the
wonderful blog Made, and really just winged measurements to fit the suspender clips I had on hand (one of which, the red one, was still attached to some thrifted suspenders, when I discovered the tute).

I know these were extremely valuable with Rowan, so I was excited to make them from scratch. Griffin was (and still is) a thumb sucker, so while this was easier on us (can't lose a thumb) the habit is lingering and hard to break for him. I confess to having a soft spot for finding him asleep with his thumb in his mouth. Still makes me think he is a little guy... but I'm sure the dentist would not find it as endearing.

I'll do some more posting this week with the rest of our projects! Since we have more deer hunting weekends to come, I'm sure more crafting will be in the works! Gotta get prepared for little miss "namehasevadedussofar".

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