Thursday, September 30, 2010


We've had a malfunctioning laptop here - it has been back and forth between various Geek Squad locations a few times in the past month and a half, but I'm happy to say it seems at least 75% repaired. I think it is dying a slow death instead of the quick one it had suffered - but at least we have time to prepare (i.e. back up the data and save some cash to buy a new one) for the end. For now, I'm just appreciating reading crafty blogs and watching Glee on Hulu again. Hooray!

While I was out of touch cyberly, life has gone on. Not only in my house, obviously.... I have been reading pages and pages of my favorite blogs and wondering where all the time went? It seems everyone has kept up their uber crafty life while I've grown a monster size belly and read a ton of books. Humph. I can already feel a little crafty itch today - so hopefully the game is back on.

To catch up on our past few months, here are some of our somewhat recent events.

Lots of time spent at the lake...

Redecorated the antlers we inherited from the old cabin owners. Dave says he doesn't love them, but I find them much more tolerable with a little Anna Maria or Amy Butler fabric, don't you agree?

Rowan returned to school (second grade!!), while Griffin went to kindergarten for the first time.

We celebrated Griffin turning 6 with a family party at the lake - yep, the theme was dinosaurs.

In all this time, the little wee one inside my belly has grown a ton. We will hit 27 weeks on Sunday! It is both flying and crawling by.... we can't wait to meet this little one who still refuses to be named :)