Thursday, August 12, 2010

Number 3

I hinted a while back that we had something brewing here.... and those that see me daily are EXTREMELY aware of what it is. But, until today, we did not know much more. Now we do, so I'll loudly announce our good news....


Dave and I are expecting our third beastie on January 1st... or December 31, if I have anything to say about it. And, it is official - #3 is a "she". Hooray! Well, I'm truly "hooray-ing" for toes and fingers and all the other parts being there, but it is quite fun to think baby girl again. Especially since I had not dabbled in sewing my first time around with Rowan.

Our ultrasound went fantastic today - Miss Three was kicking and squirming around quite like her oldest sibling did on her big debut 7 years back.

Rowan is thrilled to have a baby sister. Griffin, on the other hand, is not so excited about having another sister. Only after I promised him that we could ask the baby if she wanted a little boy haircut did he decide it might be ok. I'll have to make sure to be hyper diligent to ensure he does not decide to barber the baby himself.

Dave is happy, and me? I'm round and puffy and celebrated our ultrasound with a chocolate covered doughnut and some decaf rootbeer. Good times~

Hopefully now that we've reached the 1/2 point, I'll get some of my crafting groove back. I've been a bit of a vegetable of late. Lots of reading, napping and cabin-ing. The idea of little girl clothes is giving me an itch to get sewing though - so things are looking up.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hutch redo

This one has been a long time coming. First, in that I have been searching for the perfect hutch for my dining room for about 5 years. Second in that, when finally being gifted my grandma's old hutch from my Auntie Kym, it took me over a month to complete (ahem, OK, it is only 99% done) the transformation it required to live in our crazy house.

As usual, I neglected to take before pics. This picture was the closest "before" image I could find out in cyberspace that looked like my hutch. Since this baby is 2 years older than I am.... there were not many floating around. So glance quickly at this one (avoiding the hideous wallpaper that my grandma may also have had) and you'll get the general idea of what my new hutch looked like.

So, picture it then.... maple-brown, country-esque, old hutch.... then add a few coats of primer, some fire engine red spray paint (about 13 cans) and some glaze/black paint mixed together and rubbed on to "age" it. Voila - our new hutch.

Ahem... don't look too close.... I have not yet scraped the paint off the glass panes. If I had waited to post it until that was done it would have been snowing before I could share :)

A big closer...but still had to detour around the dining room table. Sorry

Did I mention all the folks that contributed to this transformation? I guess you gotta go back to the G'ma and pa for the original purchase of quality furniture - Thanks GG! And of course to my Auntie Kym... who knows I'm not one to turn down free furniture. Thanks for keeping it pristine for the past few years! A big old Thanks to Dave, my ever faithful hauling man. Your doubting looks only fire my need to prove to you vintage can be gorgeous. And not to forget my painters (and paint purchasers) - Nancy and Jake - without who this month long project would have extended into the 1/2 year project or longer. Thanks y'all!

I hope to share cabin remodel pictures soon.... maybe Mom, er, Gladys, could take some pictures for me this week? Hint hint....