Wednesday, July 21, 2010

fancy occasion

My cousin Eric got married this past weekend. While I don't have any pictures (yet) of the handsome groom or his beautiful bride, I do have a few of the family slightly gussied up. This happens just infrequently enough that it truly is blog post worthy :)

Here are Dave and I and the kidlets.

Just the beasties on their own - acting kooky.

Last up is me and my sibs - my 2 sisters Lauren and Brianna and my brother Jake. He was trying to be funny with his mustache - it became quite the joke/contest to try to pin him down and shave the sucker off. Ack... looks like an eyebrow went wandering to me.

The wedding was fantastic. Lovely day, saw tons of family and I'm on vacation all this week! Hooray!

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brooke said...

CAUUUUTE! that's supposed to say cute with SOO much emphasis. your kids are such mini-you&dave's - but with adorable red heads... not that your hairs aren't adorable too, but you know. Jake looks like he should be in a movie. Don't know which one, but definately a movie look. You need to be updating this thing more - geesh lady, and come over already I miss you!