Thursday, June 24, 2010

still here....

Between changing shifts at work, working on the cabin, and having guests in town for my littlest sister's graduation, we've been busy little beavers over here. The cabin is nearing completion... next week and weekend will be the hard part for us - after the contractors leave and we have to paint wall and ceilings, lay the floor, put in the toilet, paint and install the trim, install lights, and (the fun stuff) decorate and organize. Hooray! Can't wait!

I have been crafting a bit - I made 2 t-shirt quilts for graduating seniors. I have the back to add to one, and then need to find pics to post of both. I was thrilled with how easy they turned out to be!

While my aunt and brother were in town we did some painting - one living room wall as well as my bathroom vanity and walls. We also painted my grandma's old dining room hutch. None of these projects are fully complete either - so pics will have to wait for another day for these too.

So what, you may be thinking, have I actually completed? Not a whole heck of a lot. Lot's of irons in the fire... but nothing 100% done. We've got another "work in progress" around here too, but I'll share that one on another day as well :)

On that note, and with nothing concrete to share, I'll give you cute kid pics.

Griffin lost his first tooth last weekend. It was accompanied by a few tears and then a serious conversation about how much a first tooth is worth.

Griffin also enjoyed some ice cream. Very thoroughly, as you can see.

Rowan kicked back to enjoy some ice cream too. Lucky for us Auntie Lauren works for Coldstone :)

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

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