Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Red, White and Blue

I love the fourth of July. While I don't consider myself overtly patriotic, I love all things about the fourth - fireworks, parades, grilling, swimming, sparklers, avoiding politicians and their crazy volunteer sticker-giver-outers, marching bands, pontoon rides, candy bags... sigh. Love it all. It is the essence of "summer" to me, and I can't wait for this year's events! We'll be at the lake again this year. I've been crafting a bit to get in the mood for the festivities. Remember the cute t-shirts we made last year? They were from a tutorial at Family Fun and involved stamping with pasta - which the kids loved. We'll be making more shirts -hopefully just as fun and creative (maybe one of these? or these flags on a shirt?)- with the kidlets this weekend... but for now I whipped up Rowan a quick skirt. Wish it were in my size...

This is made from a vintage curtain from Brooke and some scrap thrifted fabric. Rowan actually claims to love it- so we'll see if it really worn or not to the parade.
You can see it here laying on my partially finished hutch. I've yet to do the "antiquing" (or "dirtying", as I call it), but it is assembled and inside the house now.... as step up from in pieces on the garage floor!

A close up of the pocket and button.

What to do with all the assorted scraps I had in red, white and blue? Well, make banners, of course.

I plan to hang these from the porch at the lake. While the insides of our cabin are not yet done (and seem to be delayed a few more days -making for a cranky husband and some cancelled invitations - arg), the outside can still look festive.

I did not back the triangles of fabric with anything - thinking that they would "wave" more in the wind if they were not too sturdy. We'll see just how well they hold up, as I'd love to hang them out year after year!


joven said...

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Anonymous said...

Love your ingenuity.
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wooliegirl said...

I adore aprons and love yours! The fabric is perfect for a summer apron...we must bring aprons back!


Good to get in the spirit of sewing and the 4th! Goes hand in hand with Betsy Ross:)