Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last day of preschool

Yesterday was G's last day of pre-school. He has grown up so much in just 8 months - I got a little choked up. He IS my baby, after all, despite his advanced age of 5 years. :)

Here he is - all grins - on his last day.

He is standing next to his "girlfriend" Hailey here (I did not want to post her without permission, so I only left her arm and an ear.) He is quite enamored, telling everyone who will listen about her long hair and beautiful face. See his sneaky sideways glance?

For teacher gifts, I quickly made up some stamped washer necklaces. I remembered that I had the perfect thrifted tins to put them in too. Somewhat sadly, I forgot to take any pictures of them outside the tins - and then they were sealed inside and I was too lazy to take them out and start over. I'm guessing you all get the drift, as you maybe saw them here a few weeks back.

For ease, I kept them the same for all 4 teachers - just stamped Inspire on them and added a silver bead. They are on black cord and have a cute clasp in back.


Thudin said...

He looks so cute! Nice teacher gift also -

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