Thursday, May 13, 2010

Birthday tote

A mere month late, I finished up a tote bag for my friend Shari's birthday. She chose the fabrics - love these Tina Givens prints - and I used the Classic Tote tutorial (yes, again). Since the fabric was quilting cotton, I ended up making a corduroy lining to make it better hold it's shape. I also attached the straps between the layers instead of sewing them on top. It is quite big - but I'm sure Miss Q has lots of gear for her mama to tote around.

A peek at the interior and pocket.

And of course it needed a flower pin - which can be removed if need be.

Did I mention Shari is the mama of the cutie I made these dresses for? Check out little Miss Q in her ensembles! This is the best part of sewing - seeing the finished products worn and loved!

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