Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last day of preschool

Yesterday was G's last day of pre-school. He has grown up so much in just 8 months - I got a little choked up. He IS my baby, after all, despite his advanced age of 5 years. :)

Here he is - all grins - on his last day.

He is standing next to his "girlfriend" Hailey here (I did not want to post her without permission, so I only left her arm and an ear.) He is quite enamored, telling everyone who will listen about her long hair and beautiful face. See his sneaky sideways glance?

For teacher gifts, I quickly made up some stamped washer necklaces. I remembered that I had the perfect thrifted tins to put them in too. Somewhat sadly, I forgot to take any pictures of them outside the tins - and then they were sealed inside and I was too lazy to take them out and start over. I'm guessing you all get the drift, as you maybe saw them here a few weeks back.

For ease, I kept them the same for all 4 teachers - just stamped Inspire on them and added a silver bead. They are on black cord and have a cute clasp in back.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Birthday tote

A mere month late, I finished up a tote bag for my friend Shari's birthday. She chose the fabrics - love these Tina Givens prints - and I used the Classic Tote tutorial (yes, again). Since the fabric was quilting cotton, I ended up making a corduroy lining to make it better hold it's shape. I also attached the straps between the layers instead of sewing them on top. It is quite big - but I'm sure Miss Q has lots of gear for her mama to tote around.

A peek at the interior and pocket.

And of course it needed a flower pin - which can be removed if need be.

Did I mention Shari is the mama of the cutie I made these dresses for? Check out little Miss Q in her ensembles! This is the best part of sewing - seeing the finished products worn and loved!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stamped Washer Necklaces

I simply could not work up my sewing mojo to craft Mother's Day gifts this year. With a mother, step-mom, mother in law, grandma and 2 step-grandmas, it can be a bit daunting to think up crafting ideas... and then get them complete in time for Mother's Day. Lucky for me, I saw an adorable washer necklace idea - (saw it here, post was from here) a bit back and had ordered the letter stamp kit from here. It arrived Thursday, just in time for some midnight crafting. After a bit more googling, I discovered that the stamping of washers is old hat to many of the crafty bloggers out there - but it was new to me and fit the bill for Mother's day gifts for a crowd.

Thursday night, I made my way to the furnace room in the basement where we have cement floor and pounded the letters onto the washers with a hammer. Rowan was my wing-man - handing me the letters as I called them out to her. After a bit of experimenting, I ended up painting the washers with black acrylic paint, wiping the excess off, and sealing the washers with a metal primer. I tried using a sharpie like the tutorials called for to highlight the letters, but could not get all the marker off. I like how the paint stuck both in the letters and on the washers and aged them a bit. I scavenged the craft buckets for some ribbon and beads - and snapped a few shots of the results.

Here is my mom's, with the grand baby initials and her name "Gouma".

For Dave's mom.

After I was done, I realized I loved the washers and stamping but not the cording I had used on them. I ended up running to Joann's on Friday afternoon and picked up some clasps and black cord. I replaced all the cording like the one below (for BL, but she hasn't seen it yet) just in time for gifting on Sunday.

I love how they turned out for the moms.... so had to make my own too (yep, selfish). Wouldn't these be great teacher gifts? Griffin's last day is Monday, so I think I'll be heading down to spend more time with the furnace again soon :)