Saturday, April 17, 2010

selfish sewing - PJ pants

This starts out as a selfless story, it really does. A friend of mine is diabetic and has a insulin pump. She had requested a pair of pj pants with a pocket up front and center, so that her pump doesn't flail around during the night as she sleeps. Easy, breezy, right? So while making Dave's birthday pj pants, I cut out fabric, er, thrifted sheets, to make a pair for her, and a coordinating pocket as well. This is where the selfish part starts. I then quickly cut out myself a pair from another thrifted sheet. Who can't use another pair of pjs? I basically live in these year round. I further convinced myself these were necessary by thinking about how I was repurposing fabric and not destroying the planet in the making of these pants. I get elaborate in ways to alleviate my guilt.

I decided to make a pocket on my pair too, edged it in thrifted lace,and placed it on the leg seam. These are the Pajamas for Everyone patter from Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing book. I serged my seams, and cut about 6" off the bottom, as these come out long, and I am not. They are super comfy and have already become a personal favorite.

See the cute pocket? I haven't decided what will go in it yet, but it is fun.

So where is my friend's pair, I am sure you are thinking? Well, not quite done yet. I'm waiting to hear back what her inseam is so I know how long to make them. That may be why I feel especially selfish. I've worn mine a few nights already and hers are still in the sewing pile. In case she stops by to visit the blog, I promise they are almost done Becky - just let me know how long to make them!


kendra said...

they are totally cute on you!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Anonymous said...

Those are really cute. I'd put a tissue in the pocket that would end up shredded in the dryer. :)