Sunday, April 11, 2010

girl weekend

The term 'girl weekend' takes on new connotations when you have a daughter. So while I did not spend a wild weekend out with my gal pals (though that sounds fun too), I did spend a great weekend with Miss Rowan. Dave and Griffin headed north to install our new dock up at the lake. So what did we girlies do? Girl stuff...

Refashioned a thrifted Taylor Swift t-shirt into a tunic for Rowan...

I like the criss-crossed straps in back.

Made bean bags from thrifted quilt squares- tag team style. I sewed, she stuffed. These are really to be used as pattern weights for me, but Rowan has been carrying a few around in her purse all weekend.

Rowan went to a birthday party for a classmate and I visited 3 thift stores. Found all sorts of treasures, but did not take pictures. It is mostly all in the wash, and I'm too lazy to try to photograph it now.... take my word for it, it was a good haul. Vintage sheets, cashmere sweaters and lots of name a few goodies.

We visited a gargantuan fabric outlet to find fabric for my friend Rayna's dance costume (this is last years ensemble). While I was busy squirreling away elastic and ribbon, Rowan eyed the pink polka dot minky fabric. Well, since everything is 50% off what it is marked, and it felt like we were getting a deal, she ended up with a yard to take home. We used some thrifted pink fabric for the back side and whipped up the quickest blanket ever. Complete with Dabbler tag.

Did I mention Miss Rowan demanded a hair cut too? And notice she is wearing the blanket minky side in? Super soft...

Last night, we feasted on Chipotle for dinner (Dave doesn't love it, so we "save" it for when he is gone) and had leftover cheesecake for dessert. Rowan watched "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" while I started stitching some dishtowels. I bought 2 yards of cotton "huck" and made my own towels. The long edges are already finished, so they only needed a quick hem at either end and they were ready to be embroidered. So far, I love them more than flour sack towels. These are more sturdy and hide the thread better so you don't see through it to the back side as much.

To finish things off, I ate some more cheesecake right before bed, and first thing this morning. I need to get this dang cake OUT of my house! Obviously I'm working on it diligently, despite it being Dave's cake. All in all, a great weekend :)


nzgreenbuttons said...

Sounds like lots of fun, especially the eating cheesecake part! I love how you have refashioned the T-shirt, it looks so cool, I bet she loves it.

Thudin said...

Cute tunic, and I like the blankie. I hope my name is on some of the towels!