Friday, April 2, 2010

flower corsage mania

This has become addicting. I keep making more. They are fast, easy and keep me busy on long car rides to the lake. Here are some corsage flowers on a headband...

In my(gray) hair...

A couple corsages from a striped scraps and tulle.

Another one - from black shiny fabric and some tulle and some window screen (yes, leftover from the totes).

Here is the black one on a bobby pin in my sisters hair.

A lacey one with a mother of pearl button.

And this one attached to my mom's headband.

I'm trying to stop...but I keep thinking up more fun.


CasaDiAries said...

These are beautiful!

NoodleBubble said...

These are fab- know what you mean about being addictive - I've just been making some net and Felt flowers with vintage buttons - VERY difficult to stop!

Pop by if have a mo -