Saturday, April 17, 2010

selfish sewing - PJ pants

This starts out as a selfless story, it really does. A friend of mine is diabetic and has a insulin pump. She had requested a pair of pj pants with a pocket up front and center, so that her pump doesn't flail around during the night as she sleeps. Easy, breezy, right? So while making Dave's birthday pj pants, I cut out fabric, er, thrifted sheets, to make a pair for her, and a coordinating pocket as well. This is where the selfish part starts. I then quickly cut out myself a pair from another thrifted sheet. Who can't use another pair of pjs? I basically live in these year round. I further convinced myself these were necessary by thinking about how I was repurposing fabric and not destroying the planet in the making of these pants. I get elaborate in ways to alleviate my guilt.

I decided to make a pocket on my pair too, edged it in thrifted lace,and placed it on the leg seam. These are the Pajamas for Everyone patter from Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing book. I serged my seams, and cut about 6" off the bottom, as these come out long, and I am not. They are super comfy and have already become a personal favorite.

See the cute pocket? I haven't decided what will go in it yet, but it is fun.

So where is my friend's pair, I am sure you are thinking? Well, not quite done yet. I'm waiting to hear back what her inseam is so I know how long to make them. That may be why I feel especially selfish. I've worn mine a few nights already and hers are still in the sewing pile. In case she stops by to visit the blog, I promise they are almost done Becky - just let me know how long to make them!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

girl weekend

The term 'girl weekend' takes on new connotations when you have a daughter. So while I did not spend a wild weekend out with my gal pals (though that sounds fun too), I did spend a great weekend with Miss Rowan. Dave and Griffin headed north to install our new dock up at the lake. So what did we girlies do? Girl stuff...

Refashioned a thrifted Taylor Swift t-shirt into a tunic for Rowan...

I like the criss-crossed straps in back.

Made bean bags from thrifted quilt squares- tag team style. I sewed, she stuffed. These are really to be used as pattern weights for me, but Rowan has been carrying a few around in her purse all weekend.

Rowan went to a birthday party for a classmate and I visited 3 thift stores. Found all sorts of treasures, but did not take pictures. It is mostly all in the wash, and I'm too lazy to try to photograph it now.... take my word for it, it was a good haul. Vintage sheets, cashmere sweaters and lots of name a few goodies.

We visited a gargantuan fabric outlet to find fabric for my friend Rayna's dance costume (this is last years ensemble). While I was busy squirreling away elastic and ribbon, Rowan eyed the pink polka dot minky fabric. Well, since everything is 50% off what it is marked, and it felt like we were getting a deal, she ended up with a yard to take home. We used some thrifted pink fabric for the back side and whipped up the quickest blanket ever. Complete with Dabbler tag.

Did I mention Miss Rowan demanded a hair cut too? And notice she is wearing the blanket minky side in? Super soft...

Last night, we feasted on Chipotle for dinner (Dave doesn't love it, so we "save" it for when he is gone) and had leftover cheesecake for dessert. Rowan watched "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" while I started stitching some dishtowels. I bought 2 yards of cotton "huck" and made my own towels. The long edges are already finished, so they only needed a quick hem at either end and they were ready to be embroidered. So far, I love them more than flour sack towels. These are more sturdy and hide the thread better so you don't see through it to the back side as much.

To finish things off, I ate some more cheesecake right before bed, and first thing this morning. I need to get this dang cake OUT of my house! Obviously I'm working on it diligently, despite it being Dave's cake. All in all, a great weekend :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

homemade birthday

Poor Dave - sometimes I feel he gets the short end of the stick when it comes to Birthdays and other gift giving holidays. While I am sure to provide him with a detailed shopping list of what to get me on these occasions, he invariably gets homemade things. Yes - I like to make gifts, and like for the kidlets to do the same, but the real reasons I make him gifts are because we share a bank account and it is really not easy to surprise him with something when he can see how much is spent and where, just with a click of the mouse. Also, I am not really equipped (ahem, interested) to get him music/band, snowmobile or fishing equipment....nor do I want to be. These are things he likes to research and get on his own - so I let him do it solo. Works for us!

So, then, what to gift the man that has what he needs when he turned 36 yesterday? The kids and I decided we would each think up an idea and make it (read: mom would mostly make it) for him. Griffin went through my fabric stash and found a thrifted dinosaur sheet we've been saving up for something. He decided that Dave needed to have dinosaur pajama pants like his made from it. So be it. I pulled out Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross and made up a pair using the Pajamas for Everyone pattern. They went together very fast - and were super easy. They ended up fitting pretty well - a little tighter in the hips that he is used to - but they look cute on him - a little nerdy because he is wearing dinosaurs - but melt your heart daddy cute for sure. As for the sewing up, next time I'd maybe add a 1/2 inch or so to the hip and waist parts to give him a little more room. Griffin did not do any of the actual sewing, but he did pick up the strings and scraps for me as I sewed... that and his inspiration count as making them, right? He also authored one of his famous dinosaur books for his dad - complete with pages upon pages of stick figure dinosaurs stomping around the forests.

I chopped his head off here because he was doing silly faces and poses while I tried to get a shot of him in the pjs to blog about. Typical...

Rowan decided to draw a picture and we'd use freezer paper to stencil on a t-shirt. She designed a Rock Star shirt for her dad - complete with guitar. She drew and painted, while I cut out the stencil and ironed it on. I love her artwork.

Here is a closer shot of her design...I love that the "a" in star is an actual star.

Besides a purchased ceramic travel mug (and a new dock for the lake, that he himself bought) I could not think of anything to gift Dave - so I decided to at least make him a cheesecake. He loves cheesecake, and I'm not really a fan, so I thought it would be perfect to make just for him. Well, let me quantify that by stating I'm not normally a fan. Turns out I do like homemade Butterfinger Cheesecake (I used this recipe with a plain graham cracker crust).... probably because it is uber fattening and delicious. It is the first time I've made cheesecake. So far Dave has eaten one piece - declared it great - and decided to save the rest for enjoying after dinner this coming week. I've eaten 4 pieces and gone into the fridge with a fork about 10 times just while writing this post. Grrr..... how can he not want to finish the entire pan full?? It is just not right.

Happy Birthday Dave! We love ya!

Friday, April 2, 2010

flower corsage mania

This has become addicting. I keep making more. They are fast, easy and keep me busy on long car rides to the lake. Here are some corsage flowers on a headband...

In my(gray) hair...

A couple corsages from a striped scraps and tulle.

Another one - from black shiny fabric and some tulle and some window screen (yes, leftover from the totes).

Here is the black one on a bobby pin in my sisters hair.

A lacey one with a mother of pearl button.

And this one attached to my mom's headband.

I'm trying to stop...but I keep thinking up more fun.