Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Window Screen totes & a playdate

Brooke and I had a little play date today for 4 of the 5 combined beasties. Griffin wanted to bring some dinosaurs along (imagine that) and asked for a new bag to carry them in. Since the sewing machine was already out this morning, I was game. Last night, I had rummaged through my fabric stash for an unrelated project, and upturned the old window screen I scavenged from my mother's garage last fall. It was destiny, I guess, as I've been meaning to make a bag from recycled window screen - ala Soule Mama's Treasure Bag in her Handmade Home book. This is the perfect bag for hauling summer toys - allowing me to shake off the dirt prior to hauling it into my car.

I made Griffin a giant tote from the screen, and while I sewed, Rowan made up her own bag (pinning and ironing done by yours truly, everything else by Miss Row). She even did her first french seams... at 7 years old! I was closer to 30 when I tacked my first ones. I had just enough screen left over to make a mini-dino tote for Cashen... here are the three totes.

I think Cash and Griffin would fit in G's monster size one...check out our bare feet in MARCH in Minnesota! It was beautiful today.

While gabbing and drinking coffee, Brooke and I whipped out the felt and sewing needles. I made Miss V her own felt watch, while BL made felt flower headbands for the girlies. Productive and relaxing? Where are our supermama capes?

I neglected to capture any truly cute kid pics - but they were great today - all 4 of them. Thanks BL for the lovely sunny play date! The kids had a blast and I had some much needed mama time too!

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Thudin said...

Looks like a fun day! Cute totes.