Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vintage Swap Goodies

I just heard from Louana that she received her package from me - so it is safe to blog about our swap now! If you remember, I participated in the last Vintage Swap - and am just as thrilled with this round. Not only is the swap itself a reminder to visit the blogroll of amazing blogs on the site, it is a chance to get to know your partners and "visit" their lives a bit, albeit electronically. It is fun to think of others when you thrift - and hope you are "reading" them correctly!

This time, I was paired with Louana. She sent me an amazing package all the way from New Zealand. The doilies are AMAZING (yes, I have amazing on the brain)... I have them all over the house and smile when I see the. She also sent on a great piece of fabric, a fantastic retro apron and some lovely vintage linens. Love them all! Louana included NZ pencils for the kidlets - which the 7 year old promptly brought to school to "show and tell" all about our swap :) Here are my treasures:

Lucky me, huh? I LOVE my new apron. Wore it tonight while stir frying up some veggies and am feeling very June Cleaver-y.

The apron quickly was hung on my apron tree, front and center where I can see it.

For my package to Louana, I sent off some embroidered runners, some vintage fabric, a child's apron, a little bag of mother of pearl buttons and sewing notions - patches, ribbon, etc.

Here is a close up of the buttons. Ack - my hand looks huge here! Ack...

Another lovely round of swapping! Many thanks again to Heather for supreme organization, and Louana for a fantastic swapping adventure!


kendra said...

lovely things, both of you! thanks for sharing! that embroidered deer kills me!

nzgreenbuttons said...

I love your apron tree, I'm having apron envy! thanks again for all the great vintage goodies.