Thursday, March 4, 2010

thrifted words of wisdom

While perusing my pics of thrifted goodies, I've noticed a trend. Seems to be a theme -with words decorating my thrifted treasures.

For example, which scouting out a green shirt for Miss Rowan to wear for St. Patrick's Day, I came upon this goodie - very reminiscent of things my own mother used to say, er, threaten.

Too cute - now I want to embroider happy face onions on a bunch of dishtowels and add the same saying. Rowan loves it - and gets the joke :)

On the same thrifing trip, I quickly picked up this trivet because of the yellow colors and the owl, but I took it home because of the saying. This is so my Grandma.

Last, but possibly the best, I discovered this odd shaped cloth hanging with the vintage doilies and linens. At first, all I saw was a corner of the embroidery - an adorable butterfly. I wanted it - right then and there- but could not figure out what it was actually supposed to be - a curtain? doily? teapot cozy? Oh wait - then I read it....duh. It is a tablecloth. Ha!

Fits on my antique sewing machine perfectly, huh? Love it!

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Lara said...

That Onion T-Shirt is Awesome! :-D