Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Top from a scarf

I admit I'm one of the people who got giddy when Liberty of London hit Target. I may have splurged and purchased the rain boots for Rowan, and my printed sewing tutorials are now housed in a Liberty of London 3 ring binder. I confess- I'm a bit obsessed. I carted the adorable watering can all over the store for about an hour, before I reluctantly put it back, realizing I did not NEED it at all. *SIGH*. One thing I decided I did need was the scrappy scarf. Here is the photo from Target's website. Isn't it cute?

Sadly, when you are 5'2", the scrappy scarf is really too dang long. It was just too puffy and lengthy for me to pull off... so I started thinking - what else could I do with it? Knowing that Made by Rae's Spring Top week was kicking off, I decided I'd use it to make a top of some kind. And yes - for those like my husband who need to point out the obvious - Target has actual Liberty of London shirts, in these exact fabrics, that I could have purchased, but where is the fun in that?

For my spring top, I decided to copy a shirt that I've had in my closet for over 10 years...and make my own version from the scarf. The inspiration shirt is too cropped to wear these days, but I can't get myself to throw it out. I traced the shirt, added a few inches in length and gave it a more a-line shape at the bottom. After 2 trials, both in thrifted fabrics, I was ready to cut into my scarf. Here is the finished product - my Liberty of London scrappy scarf shirt.

Yes - heads have been chopped to protect the bed-headed. Trust me - this is for your benefit.

Here it is on a wonky hanger....

I lined the top portion, and added thrifted buttons down the back - none really matching, but all white/clear.

I love it - can't wait to wear it with capris when it warms up a smidge more. A sun tan and better arm definition would make me love these pics more ... but for that I'll need the warmer weather and a personal trainer. The last 2 shots are mirror ones - as the 7 year old was at school taking her spelling test when I finished the shirt, and the 5 year old was too busy drawing dinosaurs to help Mommy take a picture.

I'm liking it best with a cardigan until it warms up more...


Sarah said...

Hooray! I'm also a touch obsessed with the Target Liberty line... and have also bought one of their 3 rings to house my printed patterns and pattern cut outs.

(followed spring top link from flickr... fabulous idea!)

Brooke said...

love the scrappy :) also love the one you gave me!! I am wearing it to the zoo tommorow...with a cardigan... thanks pally

the momma said...

very nice! i was checking out the tops in the contest flikr pool and yours caught my eye!

kendra said...

oh, it looks very cute on you! nice work!