Sunday, March 21, 2010

Leftover scraps...

Remember back when I hinted that I may have made something else from the leftover scraps from Q's dresses? After sewing up the dress, I had this leftover.

These colors worked well with a peach colored t-shirt I had picked up for Rowan a few months back on the clearance rack at Target. (I bought 3 of these for $1.74 each). We snipped out a few circles, layered them in piles of 3, stitched them on with some embroidery floss, and Voila! An embellished t-shirt.

Why stop there? We had a few leftover circles, so I stitched them to a rubber band and added a button. It can be used for ponytails....

Or wrapped around a headband.

Someone is quite pleased with her ensemble... especially since it matched this skirt so well.


Thudin said...

Em - very clever and cute - Rosie-belle looks nice in her new creations!
Mom :)

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

Hello dabbler
Blogger sent me to your blog how kind of them! I love your little girl's outfit, really pretty
Louise x