Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jewelry Frame

I made this up last week, but just gifted it Friday. What to give to a friend celebrating a birthday who already has custom dabbler-made totes (2 or 3 now) apron and lingerie bag? I went for a "no sew" project and concocted an Jewelry Frame. I have seen these in various forms on different blogs. I read through how everyone made them and came up with my own hodge podge method. As usual :)

Here is the frame for Jen, pictured with some of my baubles (so you'd see how it should/would look):

I used an old frame, painted and sanded it a bit, and then covered it with a glaze. Next up I added the hooks to the bottom for necklaces, and the "eyes" to the top to hold the ribbon. I attached the old window screen to the frame with my trusty glue gun. I'd rather have stapled it in, but my stapler would not fit in the groove where the screen fit here. I think the glue will hold fine - there is enough of it to build a small planet. Last up I added the ribbon to the top and the small ribbon flower to the corner. Voila - perfect for hanging earrings on the screen and necklaces from the bottom.

I think more of these are on our horizon. Both Rowan and I have messy jewelry piles that would benefit from a pretty organization method like this.

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