Monday, March 1, 2010

Book Deconstruction Crafting

Like so many crafty bloggers, I have been following So You Think Your Crafty both sessions now - and am awed by the talent and ability of the crafters involved. When I saw this de-constructed book Birdhouse, er Bookhouse a few weeks back, I fell in love. Birds AND books? What is not to love? I decided to make one with an old book I found at the cabin... a 1956 Reader's Digest volume. I don't love abridged versions of books, so I barely cringed as I was tearing the pages out. I used Sarah's Lovebird Birdhouse tutorial and whipped up my own birdhouse in less than an hour. My book was so old and damaged, the cover over the binding needed to be re glued on after tearing the pages out. (This helped negate any lingering book-destroying guilt I had left).

I plan to make a fabric bird to live here, but glued this little wood bird on the perch for meantime.

I had leftover "hearts" from making the interior of the bird house. I glued them together in a pillar, tied them with a bow, and VOILA -a cute book page column. Oh - and it is perched on a vintage doily from my Vintage Swap partner, btw. Cute, huh? I'll be posting the rest of my goodies after my package is received.

The column-y, pillar-y thing went together so fast and easy - almost too fast, as I neglected to ensure that the pages were oriented the same way. Some are upside down, but I'm going with that adding to the charm :) Anyone think of a good name for this thing?

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Thudin said...

how about "Bundle of Words"
I think it's pretty cute - well they both are, I like the little tied up thing the best tho -