Sunday, February 21, 2010

weekend dabbling...

I managed to do a crafting hat trick +2 this weekend - knit, crochet, paper piece some hexes, embroider and sew. No major projects were accomplished, but I happily dabbled a bit here and there. I won't bore you with my knitted and crocheted wash cloths (only because they are already in use), but of course I'll share the other endeavors with you!

The knitting, crocheting and paper piecing are all part of my goal of having a project bag handy when I am out and about. I seem to have these random hours where I am waiting for a child - be it volleyball, religion classes, doctor appointments, whatever. For this hour, I would sit and think "Ack - wish I could get some crafting done!". Though I usually have my kindle to read, it does not feel very productive. I finally gathered the proper materials together and have myself a "to go" bag for crafting. I threw in some yarn, knitting needles and a crochet hook, some embroidery floss, a hoop, needles, marking pen, and some dishtowels, as well as a kit to do some hexagon paper piecing. This post set me up - explaining not only HOW to do the hexagons, but what to bring along to do it on the go. Here is my first hexagon flower (OK, honestly it is my second, the first failed miserably, and is not fit for photography) - destined to be a pillow embellishment someday:

Friday night I also did some quick sewing. Quick is the operative word here. I took the Dinosaur top sheet I thrifted earlier this week and made a quick blanket. Quick meaning I faced a vintage bedspread to the right side of the sheet, sewed along the edges leaving a small gap, flipped it right side out and top stitched it closed. Super quick. Now, along with the matching thrifted duvet, Griffin has matching blankets on his bunks (mind you, for $7).

Finally, today, the beasties and I made cute felt watches, inspired by this post. Mine are not nearly as precise and pretty as the inspirations, but surprisingly, the kids love them ALOT. I'm not saying surprising because they are not wonderful, but surprising because the kids rarely LOVE things I make them. They may like them, or tolerate them, but they rarely love them so much they will not take them off at bedtime. I made Rowan's watch from craft felt, but it felt rather flimsy. I decided to make Griffin's from wool felt... and his feels so much more sturdy. We may have to re-do Rowan's if she continues to wear it. They are closed with Velcro, and are accurate exactly 2 times a day.

Griffin says it is "Eighty ninety o'clock".

Rowan chose her own felt colors and asked for her watch to be 7 0'clock since that is when she wakes up.

I've may have a messy house, and laundry mountain is quickly approaching eruption, but my creative spirit is much appeased.


dana said...

you made watches!!! they turned out great! truly!
- dana

Heather said...

Oh I love the watches. How inventive is that