Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm back... and with embellished Tshirts!

It has been a long, forced hiatus. I had a small incident with a Ginsu knife, a carrot and the tip of my thumb. The bad news? Well, it is twofold. First, any life of crime I may have aspired to is abruptly over, as I now have a very distinct thumb print and evading arrest may prove difficult. Second, (and more expensively)I have been medicating myself with books & reading while on my sewing diet. As I bragged before, I got a Kindle for Christmas and have found it to be a bit addicting. Addicting enough that I have made some midnight purchases to keep up the momentum of a good series (Lois Gremain people - she rocks! She may have inspired the life of crime bit up above). Addicting enough that I am now having to sew to get over my Kindle addiction. Ha. Round and round....Oh, The good news? I'm all better. And I can sew again!
Last night I embellished a couple t-shirts. Just some quick projects to get be back on the horse... and easy, but so very rewarding! I love how they both turned out.

This shirt was thrifted - I picked it up for $2.99. It is a nice quality knit - fairly thick and like new. I cut up small pieces of other knit shirts and made reverse applique leaves all over the neck and side. It is as easy as drawing the shape on the front, pinning the other fabric behind, sewing over your lines and then cutting out your shape. So easy - the only hard part was how repetitive it was... more tedious than difficult. I used a jersey needle - and wow, wouldn't you know, it sure makes a difference.

I LOVE it.. really do. The leaves are pretty. I think it may be appropriate for Valentines day, no?

The second shirt was inspired by this remake of an Anthro tshirt. I have a small stash of t-shirts I find on Target clearance racks - this one was $3.24. It is a size bigger than I normally would like, but it is nice and long - and not too clingy. I traced the neckline on some Wonder Under, laid out the Amy Butler Lotus fabric that I drool over and covet, and cut out the parts of the fabric I wanted to line the neck. Last, I (quickly) pieced them together on the shirt, ironed the appliques in place, and then stitched around them using a stretch stitch.

Easy, peasy. And much more dressed up than the original, boring t-shirt. Excuse the lack of an iron. It was 11 pm when this was done.

Here is the neck up close.

Rowan would like a version of the leaf shirt for her Valentines Day party tomorrow, so I'm going to use some of the same scraps and see what I come up with! So SO glad to be back in the game~


tadpole photography said...

cauuuute :) I like the leaves plain - no need for a tree trunk. And I LOVE the gray one!! Also, I bet you could make a really cute zebra inspired one out of a target turtleneck, with vintage white buttons and a small lions mane ruffle on the neckline - I would just love something like that :)

Sue Bridges said...

Love what you have done to the T shirts, very well done.