Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reversible Kids apron

Rowan was at it again... or more correctly, we both were. I'd call it a joint effort, but with the majority of the grunt work being done by the 7 year old. With me cutting and pinning, and Rowan doing all the stitching and decision making, we concocted an apron. Dynamic duo that we are and all... Tada!

Did I mention it is reversible?

As you probably noticed, she is quite proud of her creation. Especially of the custom pocket design she came up with.

The fabric was a gift to Rowan from Auntie Nancy for Christmas, and she used her new machine as well. I found the tutorial here and it was wonderfully easy and quick. We planned on doing the chef's hat as well, but ran out of fabric. I'm not sure it would have been worn much, but it is sure cute. We'll keep it in the "maybe" list for now.

We may only be posting Rowan's creations for the near future. I'm on a forced hiatus from sewing - I lobbed off a portion of my thumb this weekend while cutting carrots. Ack. I'm not able to operate the presser foot lifter thingy and I keep getting the gauze from the bandage gets caught under the foot itself. Tried embroidering, and that did not work... same for knitting and crocheting. Who knew that opposable thumb was so important? Well, besides thousands of scientist and all. Guess that means I'll have more time for thrifting! Hooray, just in time for the second Vintage Swap! Gotta get my thrift on...

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