Monday, January 4, 2010

Kindle Cover

I got a Kindle for Christmas this year - Hallelujah! I whined, wheedled, hinted and down right begged Dave for one. He, sneakily, was in cahoots and knew my mom had got me one. So, he was smirking a bit when I opened non-Kindle gifts from him. Lucky me, though, my mom and step-dad had got one for me. Lucky Me :) I feel quite spoiled...

I've read 6 books so far, and am loving my Kindle. Capital L Love. But it does need some sort of protective cover for transport. Online, the covers are spendy. I read some reviews online stating that the cover made for Kindle's can actually crack the glass viewing screen as well. That does not seem right... the protective cover causing damage? For now, I decided a soft fabric cover would work best. As usual, I turned to the Internet for help... and as usual, the crafty blog-o-sphere came through.

I found this tutorial on the Junie Moon blog. While I could have winged something on my own, it would not have been as fitted nor would the seams have been entirely hidden. This tutorial was great - easy to follow and the end result works perfectly.

Here is the cover front, with a Velcro flap to keep it closed up tight.

And the back... with a pocket.
Here is my Kindle inside (purposely poking a bit out... it really does fit inside).

I used some fat quarters of my Good Folks fabrics for the this entire fabric line. The cover has fusible fleece inside, so it feels, well, protective. There is a pocket in the back that allows you to bring our your cords or headphones with. I found it works well to read from as well.

I am so appreciative that others post their crafty-ness and sewing genius on the Internet. Thanks to Junie Moon for her tute :)

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Heather said...

Oh WOW! That is seriously so neat. What a great way to hold something that you love that much. Your fabric choices are perfect.