Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gift Exchange (Belated Christmas Gifts, part 2)

My friend Brooke and I had a quickee morning play date on Monday. We haven't had any time together since before Christmas, so we had some gifts to exchange as well. The little kids were wonderful (big ones were in school) and we managed some gabbing/chatting and coffee drinking. Sigh... it made me SOOOOOO happy. Oh, and the presents did too!

Here is what I whipped up for her...(I must have been channeling Anna Maria, since I used all her fabrics...)

A duvet for her camera strap... (I used this tutorial, but made it patchwork). Now that I know this fits her camera, there may be a few more in the works :) She has a lens the size of a small country for her camera and I know it makes her neck ache. This may be a new "go to" gift for her. A girl has to accessorize her strap with her ensemble, no?

This picture shows the reverse.

A bag to haul swim suits back and forth to lessons. The bag is just like the lingerie bags I made for Christmas gifts, but with some oil cloth added to the interior.

Here is the oil cloth...

and a close up of the applique. Since she has both boys and a girl child, we need suits of both genders, of course.

I feel like I made out like a bandit in this exchange. Check out my treasures from BL.

A cake/cookie stand, made from a plate glued onto a candle stick (?).... love it. It is happily full of oranges on my kitchen counter as I type this up.

Gloves with a cute applique...and with the thumb and pointer chopped off to facilitate texting. These have already come in very handy. The phone is mine, but I included it to to show an "action" shot.

A mini jade plant terrarium... so dainty and cute. It is helping me think of spring.

Love being friends with a photographer - she printed me some cute shots from our apple orchard day. These have some fun finishes- more like paintings than photos. As you can see, they are framed up and on display already.

And a pin cushion... isn't it cute? That e is for me, in case you were confused.

Fun morning, we'll have to repeat soon! Love my treasures!

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Brooke said...

used the swimming bag tonight - Perfect!!

And will be picking up my lens the size of a small country tommorow morning after it's 5 week stay at the camera hospital - YEAHHHH!!!!! so I will really get to try out my BEAUUUUTIFUL new camera strap - Love.Love.Love!!! It is really fun to swap with a crafty pal - thanks for being mine :)