Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fabric House

Rowan, my 7 year old, got a hamster back in October for her birthday. Not a real hamster, thankfully, or I would have had to put the hurt on my own mother. It is one of the little battery operated ones... just freakishly real enough looking to cause me to do a double take when I vacuum her room.

I found out that these hamsters must also now be outfitted and housed, or else a certain 7 year old will mope and fuss dramatically. Instead of further funding the bank accounts of the hamster creators, I decided that I should make the accessories needed by "Snowball". This was not an original idea, btw, I saw Bridget's post about making houses for hamsters a while back and knew I'd be coming back to her blog to find the tutorial at a later date. Happy me, to find that the tutorial author (Dawn - who has a great blog herself) also included her Fabric Dollhouse in the One Yards Wonder book. Which, of course, I already own. So, without further ado, here is Snowball's new abode, complete with sleeping bag and pillow.

I give this project high marks (the book, mind you, not my rendering). The directions were super easy to follow. The only thing "wrong" was that you needed to cut out 2 of the exterior pieces - not 1. After the fact, I did find this on the corrections page of the publishers site as well.

For this dollhouse, I stitched the felt door, window and roof on after the fact. I had a hard time understanding what was going to actually occur step to step, and did not know what was really going to be what in the final product (i.e exterior vs. interior walls). Now that I have a better understanding of how it all works, I would add all the cuteness before assembly. This assumes I'll make another, which I will be doing, no doubt. So dang cute. I used an elastic headband for the closures, as I had nothing else on hand... they work fine, but I did use extra large buttons then as well. The fabric was a thrifted calico, and the handle was some ribbon doubled up. I attached it a bit wonky, but happily the 7 year old does not mind or notice.

I might love this house more than Rowan. It is so dang cute. I am envisioning mini hamster silhouettes hanging inside, as well as a hop scotch board on the "lawn" section. I would very much like to pack up and move in myself, but Snowball seems very settled.

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Andrea said...

This is brilliant! Happily, I have at least another year before my daughters clue in that all their critters need "homes". That should give me enough time to practice making this up a couple of times.
Thanks for sharing!