Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Sewing

Thought I'd do a quick post of my Christmas sewing projects. I saved up my sewing til the last minute, as usual... but got most of the projects I wanted to do done. Here are some pics (now that I've gifted most things).

A Folklore Bag from One Yard Wonders. This was for my sister's day care lady (Or, per my sister, girl). I used some thrifted fabric and hid an ugly seam with some gingham ribbon.

We made 3 sets of hot pads for Grandparents using the pattern from Stitched in Time by Alicia Paulson. Rowan drew pictures that reminded her of each person and we scanned them and printed them on printable fabric. She then helped me sew the hot pads as well :) Here are Gouma and Bumpa's set.

I made 2 sets of jammies for my kids and my niece and nephew. Here are Oliver and Griffin in their matching jams made from some dinosaur fabric (thrifted) and $3 t-shirts from Jo-anns.

I whipped up about 7 of these lingerie bags for some of the girls in my life. I used the pattern for the medium drawstring bag in Weekend Sewing and then used the appliques from this tutorial. I think they turned out dang cute...

For teacher gifts, I went for coffee cozies (made from the House on Hill Row tutorial) and Caribou gift cards. All the buttons were from my thrifted and gifted stash.

My cousins (much younger, though, more like nieces) in Texas each got name banners. I tried to coordinate them to their room decor...

One for Zoey-

And one for Sami-

I can't find any pics yet of the other jammies, and I have one more gift to make, so these will come later!

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Bethany said...

I saw your folklore bag from OYW on flickr - I actually messed up the attachment of the yoke/top part too! I ended up with this misplaced stitch all around the top of the bag so I re-did the whole thing bc I'm crazy, but I still have the bag I messed up on and I think I'll put a ribbon around as well! Awesome cover up.