Tuesday, December 15, 2009

busy busy busy

There has been much activity going on here lately. Painting walls, cleaning EVERYTHING, purging the house of clutter.... but not much crafting or sewing. Turns out I cannot get a new pile of books from the library and also craft at the same time. Huh. I started reading the Percy Jackson series (I ended up with #2 and #4, but they read just fine out of order), along with some new to me witchy/vampire series (set in neighboring Wisconsin- by some lucky chance). The witchy series is by Tate Halloway, and so far, I like. Much more Sookie than Bella... in that I spent more time laughing than mooning...

I did manage a little sewing just prior to our annual cookie exchange a week or so back. I made up a quick tote from some thrifted (AMY BUTLER) fabric and an Orla Kiely dishtowel from Target. I left the Orla tag inside... just so it could be confused with the Dabbler tag on the outside pocket. Voila... (we can just call it Jen's bag, since she is the "lucky" girl who now has 2 Dabbler totes)

For the actual exchange, 8 of us, including my Rowan, met up to exchange cookies, swap gifts and eat Chinese food. I was unsure if my gift was an official $10-$15 one. Hard to put a price on it since it actually cost no where near that to make. Just to be sure, I added a bottle of Burt's Bees peppermint body wash... and THAT was my exchange gift. The company was wonderful... the dinner, fantastic, and the cookies were great - unfortunately they are all eaten already. Humph....hello New Years resolutions.

Prior to hitting the library, I also managed to operate a spray paint can and craft up some door art. Reminds me of the refrigerate poetry a bit. These are kiddie plastic letters sprayed with matte black paint. I have them on the inside of my front door- to message all those leaving the premises. Quick and easy, and rather fun.

There is some serious sewing happening here starting tomorrow. I am WAY behind on my holiday gift crafting... but in college I seemed to work best under pressure. Oh, and with some vino as well :)

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Heather said...

I have to check out that new series. I have just finished with Sookie, so this will be good timing. That bag is just wonderful, such a great gift