Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas - 2009

Hello again! My second annual blog Christmas letter- how exciting. Not entirely comfortable sending out an actual paper letter detailing our year, I felt no qualms whatsoever about stuffing our Christmas card envelopes with small photos containing my blog address. Makes it purely an optional event for those who'd like to stop by to read and catch up. In case you are not familiar to this here blog, this is normally where I (Emily) wax poetic about my crafty endeavors - or their unsuccessful attempts, as well as my crazy children, family and friends. For this month though, I will keep our Christmas letter up front and center, but feel free to visit anytime throughout the year to see what we are up to!
Oh -and for anyone stopping by from the crafty blog-o-sphere and wondering where something crafty or thrifty is - just you wait, I've got much to share come January when gift giving is all said and done...

This past year has been a busy one for us. We've managed to keep our sanity (barely), enjoy good health and wonderful friends and family, and watch our babies get ANOTHER year older.

Rowan turned 7 this past October. She started 1st grade and loves it. Her highlight has been riding the bus to school 3 out of 5 days each week, and from school every day. Currently, she is quite enamored with Taylor Swift and sings 2 songs that I'm sure you all have heard before CONSTANTLY. I know it could be worse, and at least it is very comical to hear a 7 year old belt out love songs like she has a fractured heart. Both Dave and I try hard to contain our smiles/smirks. Rowan has spent some time sitting on mom's lap while trying her hand at a few sewing projects this year. She even asked Santa for a sewing machine for Christmas with no provoking at all from her Mother dearest, I swear. Rowan continues to have the softest, biggest heart and loves to help anyone out. She is growing up much to quickly for our liking, but still saves plenty of time for cuddling and being our little girl.

Griffin turned 5 in September. We (OK, probably just me) were very happy that he missed the Kindergarten cut off. I'm not really ready for my baby to start real school yet. He was just born, for gosh sakes! Griffin did start pre-school and goes 2 days a week. He spends the remainder of the week at his Aunie Vanetta's house and alternates between being wonderfully sweet to devilishly naughty. A chip off the old (David) block, it seems I've heard from a few Thom siblings. His current love is dinosaurs. He loves them passionately... he can name and identify everything from a Lambeosaurus to a Iguanadon... but his favorite (go figure) is the T-Rex. We are very often subjected to extremely loud stomping and snarling as he wanders the house in search of prey. All this apparent toughness was offset by a recent viewing of a Discovery channel Dinosaur special. About 1/2 way through it, a teary eyed little boy came crawling in my lap asking me why the mean old dinosaurs would try to eat the babies. "You are not s'posed to eat the babies"! He is turning into an amazing little man and we enjoy him every day.

Dave spent the year changing roles at work, playing with his band (The Deadwoods) for some cancer benefits, finding the time to finish his degree, and is now starting his MBA. His highlight may have come this past fall when we were able to buy the cabin next door to my parent's house on Eagle Lake. We cannot wait to be lake people next summer- watch out for the new neighbors Mom! While I may be thinking ahead to the warm weather, Dave is currently thrilled that we are getting snowed on. During this time of year, he scans the weather reports constantly to find out where the snow is and where it is going to be. Then he chases it, snowmobile in tow, all winter long. He even finally gave in and had Lasik surgery done, but really only so he could see out of his snowmobile helmet better.

I myself am not sure where this past year went. It seems to be flying by faster than ever! I spent some time in Texas this spring visiting my Grandma and Aunt (and her fam)... and spent a lot of time this summer vegging on the beach or at the lake with the monsters. I found time for crafting, sewing and reading... and continued enjoying my part time hours (both while at work and while NOT at work). I love scouring the Internet for crafty ideas and inspiration and feel quite lucky to have the time to do so. I have the best friends and family - for reals - I do. OK - enough sap, but truly it has been a great year.

Last, but not least, Tupelo, our German Shepherd, turned 10 this November and is doing well. He had a rather rough patch with a lingering flea issue this fall, but has finally managed to kick it and is now enjoying being allowed back in the house (and on the couch) again.

We are blessed again this year to enjoy good heath and happiness - both within our immediate family and our larger extended families as well. We wish you all health, joy and happiness during the holiday season and all through 2010!
Merry Christmas!
Emily, Dave, Rowan and Griffin

Here are a few photos to highlight our year~

Griffin went through some phases in 2009. Here are the many faces of our boy...

Buddy the Elf


Indiana Jones

and last, but not least,Griffin the Dinosaur. We are still living this phase!

Here is our girl enjoying a swing at Grandma and Papa's.
(Auntie Jody snapped this shot)

Rowan and Mom snuggling prior to a nighttime visit from the tooth fairy.

Rowan and Griffin with their cousins Chloe and Oliver
gearing up for the 4th of July parade in Moose Lake.

Rowan helping celebrate Auntie Lauren's confirmation.
Hard for me to believe my littlest sister is graduating in June!!
Where did that time go?

Mom and the monsters this summer at the lake.
While they enjoy a good argument and tussle (as evidenced by the injury on Griffin's cheek),
these 2 beasties are still the best of friends .
We spent a weekend at Dave's sister Theresa's cabin for her birthday this year with some friends. Dave impressed us all by his water skiing prowess
(especially since he had not been out skiing in 10 years or so).
Rowan and Dad caught a few fish at the lake.
Tupelo barked from the end of the dock the entire time they were out.
We managed a quick family vacation to Canal Park in Duluth. Here are Griffin and Dad watching boats go under the lift bridge.

My mom and step dad gifted us a great sign as we christened our new cabin!

Last up, thanks to Brooke, we had a great family photo shoot this fall.
Thanks for visiting!
Merry Christmas!

busy busy busy

There has been much activity going on here lately. Painting walls, cleaning EVERYTHING, purging the house of clutter.... but not much crafting or sewing. Turns out I cannot get a new pile of books from the library and also craft at the same time. Huh. I started reading the Percy Jackson series (I ended up with #2 and #4, but they read just fine out of order), along with some new to me witchy/vampire series (set in neighboring Wisconsin- by some lucky chance). The witchy series is by Tate Halloway, and so far, I like. Much more Sookie than Bella... in that I spent more time laughing than mooning...

I did manage a little sewing just prior to our annual cookie exchange a week or so back. I made up a quick tote from some thrifted (AMY BUTLER) fabric and an Orla Kiely dishtowel from Target. I left the Orla tag inside... just so it could be confused with the Dabbler tag on the outside pocket. Voila... (we can just call it Jen's bag, since she is the "lucky" girl who now has 2 Dabbler totes)

For the actual exchange, 8 of us, including my Rowan, met up to exchange cookies, swap gifts and eat Chinese food. I was unsure if my gift was an official $10-$15 one. Hard to put a price on it since it actually cost no where near that to make. Just to be sure, I added a bottle of Burt's Bees peppermint body wash... and THAT was my exchange gift. The company was wonderful... the dinner, fantastic, and the cookies were great - unfortunately they are all eaten already. Humph....hello New Years resolutions.

Prior to hitting the library, I also managed to operate a spray paint can and craft up some door art. Reminds me of the refrigerate poetry a bit. These are kiddie plastic letters sprayed with matte black paint. I have them on the inside of my front door- to message all those leaving the premises. Quick and easy, and rather fun.

There is some serious sewing happening here starting tomorrow. I am WAY behind on my holiday gift crafting... but in college I seemed to work best under pressure. Oh, and with some vino as well :)