Monday, November 16, 2009

Therapeutic Sewing

We are a bit down here... got some bad news on Friday and then had an extremely lazy weekend where we moped and vegged. I read 7 books (love Nora and her alter ego JD for giving me a distraction) and watched every Bones episode I could find on Hulu. Last night, I finally decided to try to recapture my "groove" and did some sewing. Turns out it was very therapeutic.

Of late, I seem to have grown a fan in Rowan. As I was opening my sewing hutch, she asked, "Mom, are you going to make me something?". But of course, silly. She picked out some fabrics and I made here a new shirt and a dress.

The shirt is from this tutorial (like this one was too) from Blueprints. I actually wrote down her measurements this time so I can recreate it without starting from scratch next time. Rowan wanted the red thrifted fabric with birds and houses for the main fabric and found a fat quarter of the orange fabric for the sleeves. She is very warm blooded, so despite the fact that our ground is covered in frost this morning, she still asks for short sleeves.

Love the red fabric - little houses and flowers and birds (oh my!).

I added a little patch of the orange to the bottom corner and included my homemade label. She loves this part - and honestly so do I :)

I finally tried the Sienna Dress pattern from Lil Blue Boo last night as well. It is a pattern that lets you re purpose t-shirts into a cute dress, shirt or tunic. I did not follow all the directions, and learned from my mistakes.... but am still happy with how it turned out. Rowan is as well - she loves that this dress is a hodge podge of t-shirts from both Mom and Dad. She decided to wear it to school today, over jeans. When I said I thought tights would work a bit better, she stated (rather snottily) "Mom, I have my own fashion style and I like it with my skinny jeans". Hmmph. Guess she told me. I can't wait to try this again on some more t-shirts.... this time using shirts of like weight and starching things before hand, hint hint. Those were my 2 "issues" this time around, that were unnecessary, had I followed the directions (Ack!).
Here is Rowan's "skeleton/guitar/Audrey" version. A good mix of Mom and Dad, per Miss Sassafrass herself.

My friend Shari drew my attention to this pattern a few months ago, so we'll have to find some t-shirts to make up a version for her Miss Quinn as well. It would be (is, per the flickr site) adorable for a little one too. For Rowan's, I kept the sleeves short (as dictated) and did not hem them or the bottom, instead letting the knit roll just a bit. Love it on her... and she does too, but is mad at me in this picture for the tights comment.

So thanks to sewing for some cheap therapy. And, better yet, thanks to the wonderful friends and family that refused to let an unanswered phone get in the way of "talking" to me this weekend. I got tons of emails and facebooks messages, and voicemails too. I appreciate them all :)


Heather said...

What a gorgeous dress! I love the colors, and the sleeves. I hope that your week is better than your weekend, and may I just say that reading seven books would be like heaven to me. That is truly amazing :)

Bridget said...

I'm sorry you got some bad news. I think sewing is super therapeutic, I don't sew all the time for nothing ;). Very cute projects!

Ashley said...

I LOVE this dress! I want it in my size!!! I think it turned out great!