Monday, November 23, 2009


We spent this past weekend doing some thinking about Thanksgiving and what we are thankful for. I saw a blog where the family had created a "thankful tree" (it was here), so the kids and I made our own version. The kids called their daddy, all the way up in his deer stand, to find out his thankfuls too. Turns out he was not to be thankful for "catching" a deer...and honestly, I'm rather thankful that there are no dead deer in my garage, as there has been in years past. Just don't tell him that.

After compiling our lists, we wrote our thoughts on the "leaves" made from some fall colored scrap book paper. Since these are SO obviously my kids, food was a prevalent topic - as was family and friends.

Turns out some of us are very thankful for dinosaur toys, while others for snowmobiles...

That was not the end of our turkey day crafting. Rowan drew an adorable turkey and then wanted it made into a pillow. She has me in the palm of her hand if her wants include me sewing something :) I had her re-draw the turkey design on the pillow fabric (some thrifted corduroy) with a fabric pen and then I did reverse applique to "fill it in".

Here is a happy, and thankful, girl, chill-axin on her pillow. (Nance, notice she is in her cousin's old VB jersey... she loves it!)

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Brooke said... the tree... I am so THANKFUL that you did that, so now I/we can too... Lovely idea! See you Wed??