Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Sewing

I got some sewing done today- Hooray! Some things were more "fun" to sew than others, but I am feeling uber-productive. May just be the 20 lbs of chocolate coursing through my body, but regardless, I got some stuff done.

I planned to put a package in the mail last week for a good friend that fairly recently had twins, but decided at the last minute that Mama needed a gift too. My thoughts were to save this picture to post with the other goodies that are going out in the mail with it tomorrow. Turns out, I did not take pictures of the rest of the goodies, so this is it, as the package is all taped up and ready to go. Oh, and I should state that this is a spoiler, I guess, if the recipient a) figures out it is for her (how many people do I know that recently had twins?), and b) peeks at my blog before it arrives. I whipped this tote up out of some ticking fabric I had on hand. My sister in law saw a similar bag on the Martha Stewart site, and that was the inspiration for this one. I deliberately did not sew the edges of the dog applique down - I wanted it to fray a bit, since this breed is a bit shaggy/furry :)

Next up was the more mundane task - some mending. Griffin had 3 pairs of jeans in the mending pile, as they all had torn knees. I typically hate trying to patch his knees, since the jeans are so skinny for his little 5T self. I decided to tear out the side seam, and make my life a lot easier. And it truly was - SO MUCH EASIER. After patching the knees, I just sewed up the seam and then serged the edges again. Good as new. I used a few different things to patch the holes- some other denim scraps, some decorator weight fabric and some suede-y stuff from a thrifted shirt. Looks like he won't be needing new jeans for awhile now.

I love the suede patches - I sewed big zig zagged "X's" on them.

I also love just having the one knee with a striped patch.

Last up, I had made a few applique onesies for some newly born babes a while back... but in ironing one where I did an applique neck tie (found the tutorial/template online but cannot find it now anywhere!), my iron leaked some orangy water and created some stains. I threw it in the wash, but could not get the stain all the way out. Drat! I took this out today and cut off most of the stained area (along with the snappy bottom of the onesie) and added a little skirt. A certain Miss Vada I know may need a new ensemble, and I bet her mama can get the little stain there is left out. Or she'll come up with something crafty to make it all good.
It reminds me of a school uniform now...

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Jodie said...

Thanks again for the gifts for myself and the babies! The little onsies were adorable (love the inside joke). You are very talented!