Saturday, November 7, 2009

Seeing Red

Before and after a great play date/gabfest today, I finished a few sewing projects. They both happened to be in the red color genre... so they make for a consistent, if not cohesive, blog post.

I was asked by my sister in law (I have 10, btw, so if you've heard me mention one before, this one is probably a different one) if I could make a bag for her daughter Isobel's birthday. She sent the link to this tote on the Martha Stewart site - and said she'd love this in a string backpack with red tartan fabric. I mainly used the directions for the string backpack in my Sew What! Bags book - but made up my own dimensions, as I've heard from others that they can end up too small to carry much more often than not. While I took that advice and made a pretty large pack, I was not overly impressed with the home "grommeting" I've seen done before (sorry Nance!), nor was I liking the books plan to sew the straps into the bottom seam of the bag. I decided to use fabric loops to run the cord through instead of either of previous methods. Originally, I looked for a different dog silhouette online, but ended up going with the exact dog from Martha's tutorial... just printed out the picture and traced it onto Wonder Under. I used a piece of black t-shirt to make the dog applique - and some seam binding to make the leash. I interfaced the tartan with pretty stiff facing, since it is homespun fabric and kind of wilty on its own. I then used some white fabric to make a liner - more to hide seams than to add any structure. I got a little of the wonder under on the dog and decided to throw it in the wash to see what would come out. Most of the adhesive came out - and it washed well. I still see a little of the adhesive, but I can (and do) find flaws in all things I make. I had to back up and just decided it was good. I hope Isobel likes her new pack. Here is Rowan modeling the backpack.

Isn't the dog cute?

Here are the fabric "loops" that the cording is run through.

The lining is only attached at the top of the bag.

I planned to make myself a new skirt tonight, despite the fact that I am behind on my mother's birthday present. Must be karma, because after I sewed together the side seams of the skirt I cut out, I realized there was NO WAY that it would fit me. I used a self drafted A-Line skirt pattern from Sew What! Skirts that I had used before, but I must have done something wonky, or the Halloween binging has finally caught up with me. Regardless, it was not going to fit me anytime soon, so I decided to make it into a skirt for Rowan instead. Since I used one of my favorite Tina Givens fabrics for the skirt, and happened to have a coordinating piece of fabric in the stash, I made Rowan a quick shirt as well. I have eyed the Peasant Blouse tutorial over on Blueprints for a long while now. To be honest, the idea of measuring and drafting on my own was a bit daunting, but we did it tonight, or at least managed to create a reasonable facsimile. The top is not perfect, but looks adorable on... AND (drum roll please) Rowan likes it! Because she picked out how long her sleeves got to be, she felt very involved in the process. Guess that is what it takes to get her to wear home sewn gear. Hey, whatever works! Here is her new ensemble.

I used fold-over elastic on the quick and easy. Well, it was once I marked the 1/2 way point on both the shirt and the elastic, so as to make sure I was doing enough stretching as I zig and zagged.

I'm off to bed with all my sewing gear still out - and with plenty of plans to sew more tomorrow. (Hint Hint Mom - your bag is all cut out and ready for sewing!)

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great projects...very inspiring. I really like the way the backpack turned out with the black doggie. so cute! I hope to get some sewing in again soon. Thanks for stopping by so wabi sabi;)