Monday, November 16, 2009

Quick thrift trip

Seems I should have a regular post titled this, as I do manage a quick trip while Griffin is at preschool almost each week. I don't always leave with things, but today had to actually grab a cart. Since I received some money from my Dad and Step-Mom for my birthday, I went a little more hog-wild at the Goodwill than usual. I know, crazy talk. Well, not WILD wild, but I did find some goodies.

I found this adorable lamp. Just cleaned it up a little and it works great.

I picked up a small chalk board for the monsters. They have been writing on it all night.

I found 2 men's sweaters for repurposing. I forgot to take a before picture, but from one of these, I now have me a capey-shawl-thingy that I made using this tutorial. A quick side - My Mama Made it is a repurposing, fashion genius, and her ideas inspire me to actually care about what I wear each day. Huh, who knew? Her ideas are responsible for all the embellished t's I've done lately.

Here is me in the capey-shawly-thingy in the backyard.

No more pics, but I also picked up some fabric that is in the washer with the other wool sweater, a gargantuan embroidery hoop and a huge oval frame that is in the garage with a coat of primer on it, awaiting its new life as a framed pin board (ala this tutorial). Seems this trip yielded more projects and work than a lot of instant gratification. That is good, as I am in a project-y kind of mood.

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